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Project Title: Climate Change Adaptation in Sundarbans via Crab Fattening and Mangrove Restoration

Project Location:

  • Shyamnagar Upazilla Satkhira District

Background - Problems Addressed and Policy Responses
The rise in sea level poses many threats to coastal populations; it reduces the stability of ecosystems and jeopardizes the livelihoods of those dependant on coastal fisheries. Further, the increasingly frequent natural disasters exacerbate the current situation, causing irreversible losses and damage to marine life and disrupting the process of mangrove restoration.

Project Outline - Objectives and Activities
This project aims at engaging local people and all stakeholders to collaborate on effective countermeasures to the existing problems, part of which involves bamboo-cage crab-fattening and mangrove restoration. The objective are,

  1. Increasing the number of local communities participating in the project.
  2. Reducing the impact of natural disasters through local resources and mangrove restoration.
  3. Setting up cooperation between related organizations and the public.

Impacts and Achievements
The impacts or outcomes are,

  1. Increased income of beneficiaries through applying appropriate technology for crab fattening
  2. Protecting and reforesting mangrove areas in order to create a more productive marine system
  3. Creating a buffer zone via mangrove restoration to act as a protective barrier against natural disasters.

Future Challenges
While the project has mainly proceeded according to schedule, potential risks affecting process include natural disasters and tiger attacks, the latter of which can be solved through provision of security protection. A further challenge for the project is in its replication in other areas, as well as gaining cooperation and commitment from beneficiaries to raise their income and increase their quality of life. Concurrently, local communities need to be urged to take better care of their natural resources.